Petrovits Genovéva


In the past ten years, Genovéva had been working in numerous Hungarian and international productions in different roles within production department. She has fulfilled very different tasks from budgeting to reporting but she also has good practice of distribution strategies. Since four years, she has committed herself to work with outstanding authors in the world of theater and cinema. From these collaborations, several award winning projects have been born in both fields.

The feature documentary Under Protection produced by Genovéva, won Best Hungarian Film Prize at Verzió Human Rights Film Festival and a first feature film Hope You’ll Die Next Time☺ her first experience as a producer, won several awards in film festivals all over Europe and was a great success critically and a great hit during weeks on online platforms, like Netflix and HBO Hungary.

Genovéva has started her own film production company KINO ALFA in 2019, in the last few years, several film projects could gain financing, the company has already a colorful portfolio, several projects received national and international fundings too.

Genovéva has studied theater studies at La Sorbonne, then had a diploma of French Language and Literature in Budapest. In 2012-2013 followed the training program Atelier-Ludwigsburg Paris which was an important stepping stone for her in order to become a producer. In 2015, she has also gained a Master diploma of Design and Art Management at Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest.

Since four years, she has committed herself to work with outstanding authors in the world of theater and cinema.

Completing all the studies and experiences she gained on the field, Genovéva has completed several training programs and participated to workshops such as Nipkow Program’s script development workshop together with Mihály Schwechtje. She is also an alumni at Berlinale Talent Campus.

In 2022, she also develops as a producer three feature film projects, which are supported by the Creative Europe Media Programme’s mini slate grant. In 2019, she started working on the next feature film of Mihály Schwechtje, which won an Eurimages Co-Production Development Award in Cluj at Transylvania Pitch Stop.

Filmography as a producer


In development ’My Mother, The Monster’ by Olivér Rudolf, the film project has gained production support from the Hungarian National Film Institute

In preproduction ’I Never See You’ first feature film supported by the Hungarian National Film Institute


Development producer of a series project The Guardian supported by Canal+ Poland Series Lab

In post production ’Cactusman’ short film by Olivér Rudolf


’Under Protection’ feature documentary, awarded as Best Hungarian Documentary Film at Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

’Graduation Shoes’ short film, selected to the youth program of the biggest independent cinema network Budapest Film

’Hope You’ll Die Next Time☺ ’ feature film, selected to numerous festival, awarded as Best Youth Film in 2018 at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

Petrovits Genovéva