With a strong international background, experience in international co-productions, and purely service productions, our team understands well the challenges of such projects. We offer a wide selection of services, and aim to be your anchor in Hungary, guiding and advising you throughout the preparation, the administration and the shoot. We think that transparency is a must and an essential element in each collaboration. We prefer to say no, instead of saying yes to something impossible. We do believe that the success of service production depends on the feasibility of the projects. 


We aim to guide you through all potential doubts and questions that may arise from the nature of international production, and reach a clear starting point for our collaboration.


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With beautiful and varied locations, professional crews and equipment and an internationally competitive industry, Hungary is a perfect choice to film your next projects. In recent years, Hungary has attracted high profile international productions as well as independent projects, as a location that caters to every need.


Films produced in Hungary are eligible for the tax incentive that offers a 30% rebate on all direct film production costs that were paid to a Hungarian tax payer. These costs include, but are not limited to pre-,post- and production costs, wages, administrative costs etc. A wide selection of projects are eligible for the rebate, please don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.